“The New Derivative”, where debt creates wealth.


  • Publish Date : June, 2022
  • The New Derivative : 0236547851
  • ISBN-13 : The Book is about the Financial system and the way debt creates wealth.

The New Derivative teaches that anyone that wants to learn the secret of success, which starts at our financial system. This book teaches how debt creates wealth and how the author Charles D Carey did it for himself.



The New Derivative is a read for those who want to learn and understand how the financial system and the creation of debt, have changed the landscape and our society.

  • The story behind the success of Charles D Carey.
  • Learn how Debt can actually make you wealthy.
  • The largest financial markets, “The Derivative Markets”.
  • The monetary system and it works.
  • The 100% funding model that Charles D Carey created.


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