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Charles Carey is an Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Renewable Energy Leader, Financial problem solver, and believes that what separates those from success and failure is knowledge of the financial system. With his new book, "The New Derivative", Charles D Carey brings to light the largest financial market, the Derivative Market, which is estimated to be in the quadrillions and he educates us on how to leverage debt within it. The book also illustrates the financial markets and the life of Charles D Carey. The Book walks us through his story and his successful companies, Magnifica and CIG Companies.

The New Derivative

Learn about the largest financial market that is in the quadrillions. Yes, you didn't even know that word existed.

Charles D Carey

Has shown us his history and how anyone could change their lives and create their own pathway for success with Humility, Hunger and Zeal.

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Charles D. Carey

Charles D. Carey

The largest financial market is hidden to the average person. It is my pleasure to bring to light this market, “The New Derivative”, is a book dedicated to help everyone see the possibilities they have and that debt can be used to create wealth, how to de risk projects and not over lever assets.

Greetings, My name is Charles D. Carey, must be a little crazy to write this and help others about the truths of the financial system. But that is my model be a little crazy and just maybe you can change the world.

The ability to change your life starts with a choice and this choice to learn the keys that I chose to follow which gave me the freedom to create wealth. One key I will give you, “whatever you do, invest and help others, and then you will be rewarded, be a Problem Solver in today’s world and just maybe you can change the world too”.


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The New Derivative where debt creates wealth is a book dedicated to educating the financial community about the largest financial market.

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